Recycling Litter Waste

Sustainable manufacturing for environmentally conscious pet owners

Sleeping Cat

Safe for your pets, you and our planet

Lightweight, super absorbent Coir contains no chemicals, fragrance, or artificial anything. Just a 100% natural, organic, safe and comfortable experience for your feline friend.

Re-purpose after use

After use, Cats Comfort litter (with waste solids removed) can be re-purposed as a garden soil conditioner (or lawn dressing), which has the benefit of improving the water holding capacity of your soil. It can also be used in your compost bin to reduce odor, speed up composting and enrich the compost.


Hundreds of millions of tons of clay based litters begin in a strip mine and end up in a landfill. Compare that to Cats Comfort, which starts as coconut waste, and ends up as green waste, or even compost or soil conditioner. What a difference!