Cats Comfort Super-Natural Cat Litter

All Natural Organic Coconut Cat Litter

Absorbs urine and odor on contact

The first time you see a box of Cats Comfort Super-Natural cat litter, you might scratch your head. Super-Natural?  We’re calling it Super-Natural because all the usual words don’t describe the many features this innovative cat litter offers.

Cats Comfort is made from 100% organic coconut husk (Coir). It’s fragrance-free, chemical free, and naturally anti-bacterial. It is dust-free, low tracking and completely environmentally safe.  After use, it can be used as a soil conditioner or disposed of as green waste.

So, you see, we couldn’t just call it “natural” or “all-natural.”  It’s bigger than that. Think of it as a cat litter with superpowers.

The World's Most Absorbent Cat Litter

This concentrated ultra absorbent litter is lightweight and super economical! A 13lb box will absorb an amazing 9 gallons of liquid! That same thirteen-pound box will provide up to nine months of litter for one cat. No other litter comes close to this absorbency.

Cats Comfort Super-Natural Cat Litter

Available in 2 sizes


Lasts Cat 5 months

Lasts CatCat 3 months


Lasts Cat 9 months

Lasts CatCat 5 months



Sift-Magic Litter Scoop

Makes natural pelleted litters scoopable

Sift-Magic Scoop


Hundreds of millions of tons of clay-based litters begin in a strip mine and end up in a landfill. Compare that to Cats Comfort, which starts as coconut waste, and ends up as green waste, or even compost or soil conditioner. What a difference!